Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The bestie...

Ok.. so yall know I be tryna share my wisdom whenever I can. I don't profess to know more about anything than anyone.. Somethings just work for me and some don't.

I initially got inspired when I was watching Hitch the other day. In the movie "Hitch" told his client that its very important to get in good with your woman's best friend and a light-bulb kind of went off in my head when he said that. Initially, I thought about myself. If some1 wants to get with me, they have to get along with my peoples.. cause if you don't, then that pretty much eliminates you coming around them and 70% of the time I want to be with my friends anyway. Just keeping it real...

Plus, you gotta have boo-time and friend-time so one won't feel like they're being put on the backburner for the other... Yall know I like to multi-task so its best if my (hypothetical) boo and my friends are around each other at the same time so I can maximize "me" time. BUT I can't make every1 happy and I stopped trying.

Plus, your friends are VERY possessive of you and feel threatened when you get a love-interest anyway.. [My friends are soooooooooo mad at me, right now. LOL]

But then it worked for me in the previous entry. It helped that "Vintage" was actually cool. I was mad nervous that I wouldn't get along with her and that I'd have to fake. Thank God I don't. Cause yall know how I feel about faking....

So my tip of the day? Get in good with the bestie BEFORE you get in good with the boo... It works. Trust.

Song of the Day:. "Lady" by D'Angelo, my boyfriend.


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