Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boyfriend number what..?


So I wrote a dope-ass poem today. I might post it. I probably won't. But if you wanna read it, just shoot me a message.

Let me tell yall about some ignant shit I heard yesterday. Now please, understand that I'm not the typical Black-American female teenager when it comes to BET watching and my music. So, I was at Aaron's house yesterday looking at the guide through the remote when I see that "106 and Park" is on. I haven't been a regular watcher of this show in years because I love AJ and Free and I still miss them muchly. Nothing against Terrance and Roxy... I try to sneak a peak every once in awhile to see what the teens are feeling cause we the future.. feel me?

Anywho, when I turned to BET, I saw a very cute young black guy singing in a very beautiful voice. I was impressed cause this guy really had talent, was good looking and could dance to.. That is, until I listened to what he was singing about...

Boyfriend #2.

How IGNORANT!.. I don't know whats more ignorant, him writing a song about being the guy on the side or women jamming to this stuff! Re-darn-diculous. Can we please get some standards yall? Yea.. the song has a nice beat and everything but words are everything to me. I think its silly that people like a song 'just cause of the beat' so if the KKK came out with a song about killin niggas and the beat was dance-able would you jam to that to?

I think not.

I am so frustrated with main-stream music. I can't even express it. For one, all rap songs have the same beat to me and these guys aren't really saying anything... feel me? We understand that you have ice around your neck, a car with MAC truck size wheels and a harem of big booty women willing to perform mass amounts of fellatio on you. But is there anything more to you than that? Seems that I'm the only one fed up cause everyone else seems to be feelin 'em.

Anywho.. time for me to eat or something. I might write another blog before I go to bed.


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