Friday, April 3, 2009

Your level of consideration: The gay prom story.


I feel like you're my family. Whoever's reading right now, I miss you when I don't write. Thanks for reading my thoughts. Thanks for comments, keep them coming.

Anywho, we had 'gay' prom tonight on campus. Now, from my understanding.. it's supposed to be a second chance prom for those people who felt that they couldn't go to their proms because they were gay. I think that if you missed out on your own prom tryna be rebellious or for whatever reason, you stupid and should've just went with ya man or ya woman. I think that what gay people have to realize is that there isn't a 'gay' world and a 'straight' world.. it's just earth and we all have to live here together. Find your way to function in society just like every minority group in the past has. We all gotta live here, its 2009. Homophobe's will get over ya gay asses just like racists got over niggas... if they don't get over it, at least they'll eventually die.. LOL

And you can tell that white people came up with a gay prom... they ain't used to being discriminated against. Black gay kids go to prom however they want to.. white kids sit at home looking silly.. lol... ooohh.. am i stereotyping.. oops. LOL

Anywho, I'mma tell yall why I was feeling a bit salty tonight.
I was talking to this girl right? We'll call her... asshole.. [not to be confused with ignant-ass] anywho, I took her out to my favorite club a couple of weeks ago and I witnessed this girl asking for asshole's number.. now, I've never been one to cause I scene, and this other girl didn't even know that I brought asshole to the club with me. Let me explain something, whats mine is mine and I'm protective of her... Call me crazy, but I feel like if I brought you to the club with you, its cool for you to dance with whoever, but when it comes to exchanging number and excepting drinks? thats just plain disrespectful.

Anywho, so at this point I'm watching cause I want to see what kind of consideration level this girl has... she gives the girl her number and I'm standing 2 feet away!! At this point, in the back of my mind.. she just got X'd off the list of girls who can be on my team. But it was just the second time we went out and the first strike so I still talked to her.... because I believe in second chances..

Well, the shit hit the fan tonight...

She lied and told me that she gave the girl a 'fake' number AND played dumb when she showed up with this girl at prom tonight! I told her she must think I'm real stupid... then she claims that the girl found her on facebook.. let me pause and not get angry all over again..



Let me back up, I'm moving to fast.. I already knew that asshole was bringing a date to prom tonight. We had an argument about the prom in general last night (strike 2) then of ALL people she can flaunt in my face she brought the girl who was unconsiously stepping on my nutts at the club! (STRIKE MUTHAFUCKIN 3!!) What an asshole! Hence the name!

I feel very disrespected, I ain't mad.. because I looked too cute at prom tonight and the ladies were all over me. She was hatin and I'm glad. I told her that I know she knows I'm flyy and she ruined it by bringing an old dyke with a damn lesiure suit on to the gay prom.. I ain't mad.. I've moved on already...

Story about the new girl tomorrow..


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