Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whats mine is mine?

Ladies.. Please getchu a copy of "Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man" by Steve Harvey. It's a GREAT book. Targeted to an audience thats a little older than my age group and heterosexual... BUT a great book for any relationship. Good to see the male perspective every once in awhile.

Oh, in case you didn't know.. THE 2009 BIG EAST CHAMPS ARE THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE CARDINALS!!! In case you ain't know... I go to school there, I'm proud. First time we won the Big East Conf... so excitable.

So, I like to be in control. I've learned this and I'm in the middle of writing a poem about it. My girl Faith and I had a talk about it.. She gave me good advice, told me to just "let it flow" I took it to heart, cause I haven't been writing poems lately.. and they used to come out like nothing..

Now, when someone asks me if I'm jealous, I simply say "Whats mine is mine"... which means, i'm possessive and I'll protect what is mine, but if it ain't mine... it ain't mine and I'm not concerned. I try not to get mad about what other people got, cause hey.. i got some good shit to.. and if there's something I thought was mine and, wasn't.. it's time for me to move on.

Recently, I've realized that I was treating someone who wasn't mine like they were mine. It's unhealthy. I saw my ex girlfriend (whom I've mentioned before) at the movies with her ex-girlfriend that we argued about the WHOLE time we were in a relationship. My first instict? I laughed. My second was to be a little jealous. But then, I thought about it. She ain't really who I wanna be with and I only still 'like' her because she was one of the first serious female relationships I had and she taught me a lot. I guess I feel an 'obligation'... But we can't be together.. cause... well, thats a laundry list of reasons.. One of 'ems I'm not attracted to her when it comes to personality.. lol

Anywho, the movie we went to see was "Last House on the Left" it was flippin' awesome! I loved the story, the motivation.. everything.. and it was gory. That's cool to... ;)

Wellp, time for me to enjoy my spring break.. Blog's might be more frequent this week since I ain't doin shit.. lol


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