Saturday, March 7, 2009

My perogative!

I feel like its been a minute. Let me go head and give yall some read-age.

I went to the club with the Louisville crew Thursday. It was fuckin fun as hell! I LOVE dancing. The djay was jammin. But I do feel that there are somethings I should address as far as songs and the club go... hold on.. lemme get in a comfortable position.. Ok...

1. If over half of the club is drunk, do not put on the cupid shuffle. Line dances are only good sober while people still have they rhythm. Other wise, it's a whole bunch of sweaty people bumping into each other... which is funny to watch but not funny to be in the middle of.

2. Techno is for the birds.. I believe this music was created for people who had no rhythm. You ain't gotta have it to dance to techno, plus there are no words. When techno comes on and I'm expected to dance to it.. I feel like a broke-down actor. Where's my motivation?

3. Which leads me to my next point.. Hip-Hop is powerful. It don't matter where you at or who you are. Your party goes to a.. um... crunker if you will.. level of hype if some Hip-Hop. You can't get that with Pop or Techno.. I might sound biased because hey.. I do love Hip-Hop.. but it's true. Go to a party and see..

4. Fellas... GET SOME GAME! Maybe, I'm growing up.. but I hate to be at a party and a guy just comes up behinds me.. puts his dick on my back and expects me to be ok with that and dance with him. I feel like if you wanna dance with me.. you need to introduce yourself, ask me my name and then.. ask me to dance. This one's from my experience in the club Wednesday... That club's a younger crowd. On Thursday, a guy came up to me and said, "Excuse me ma'am. On the next song would you like to dance with me?" I was like so taken aback... Someone who's actually polite in 2009?! So yes.. I danced with him. The fact that he was muscular and had a beautiful smile helped to.. hehehee...

5. Djay, it is ok to slow it down! The art of slow dancing does not exsist in clubs anymore! A slow song gives you a chance to spit game for real. Not to mention if all you play is fast songs, a nigga gets tired!

6. Djay, taking us back to the old school is almost necessary. Last night the Djay played "My perogative" then "Gin N Juice".. I was so geeked. The crowd will appreciate you much more if you throw a lil old school in there.

Ok... I fear that this is getting a lil long.. So let me end it.. But let me end with this.. BOBBY BROWN of New Edition did My Perogative FIRST! BEFORE BRITNEY! The white people in the club were so surprised to hear this nigga singing it. I'm like really?! Yall think Britney came up with that shit?? No.. It's Bobby Bitch!


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Lovely Virgo said...

love the makes a to love it..and yes a dj will get hella love from me...brings wonderful vibes!...bless those who think britney came up w that song. thats the shit..not hers..but the original by bobby brown..