Friday, March 27, 2009



This week has been hell. I've been so busy. Ever since I've got back in Lou, I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and when I'm not, I'm sleep. I hate this. I'm so glad the weekend is coming. I skipped english this morning. Yes, not good kids but I woke up at 8:08 and didn't feel like rushing to class, I already had 8 minutes against me. So I just rolled my black ass over and went back to sleep. Plus, last time I was in English, I got in an argument with this dude about the last presidential election. I won't tell the whole story for the sake of my energy, but I served him and the whole class gasped at what I said to him. I'm just tryna eliminate ignorance.

Anywho, remember how I talked about ignant-ass in my Standards entry? Well, I stopped texting her and put her ass in the back of my mind. So she sends me a text one day this week goes like this..

Her: "Are you busy?"
Me: "No."
Her: "I have some questions, you can choose to answer them or not.. Do you think that I will make you feel shallow or degrade you"
Me: You have no control over my feelings, and I won't be degraded by anyone. No to both.

Now, She musta pulled them questions outta her ass cause I really don't know where they came from. I'm bustin the cold-shoulder hard... But last night I had to bust it even harder..

Her: "Just wanted to say hi."
Me: "K"
Her: "Lol! U still mad at me?"
Me: "To be perfectly honest, I'm rather numb. I have no feelings either way."
[then i had to send another one cause it was on my heart.. lol]
Me: "School's occupying my time. I really don't have energy left to be worried about stuff and people who aren't going to change."
Her: "Oh ok. Ttyl maybe."
Her: Lol! ok."
Me: "Its your perogative."
Her: "Yes ma'am" [i fucking hate it when she calls me ma'am.. she knows it]
Me: "I'll leave the texting up to you."

So please, be honest with me. Am I an asshole? I think I am. But I'm fed up... Everytime she said "Lol!" it validated the fact that she doesn't take me or my feelings seriously. It really bothered me. I want to say something to her about it.. but I kinda want to just leave well enough alone.. and it ain't well.. I think I might the next time she says something to me. Cause I have to be honest about my feelings. I'm tired of holding shit in for the sake of muhfuckas.

Moving on....

I was just listening to Rodnie Bryant's version of "My Liberty" check it out. Nikki Ross is leading.. She's a damn... beast! Gosh, them runs was rediculous.. UGH!!! Whooo... I screamed...

Ok, well.. i have spanish to look at..


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