Sunday, March 22, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning...

Ok, so I have to be at church in one hour and ten minutes.. I should be getting ready.. but... hey, I like blogging better so that's what I'mma do.

My spring break is unfortunately coming to a close. It was a vehicle for some much-needed rest. I should have been doing homework. But we both know that wasn't going to happen ;) On my way back to the Ville after church. I'm excited. I miss my hubby and my freedom.

Anywho, i'm very tired of being subject to lame game. This dude, I might've mentioned him before. Been tryna get at me. I know he doesn't have a chance. But I still talk to him anyway because I'm a bit entertained and it don't hurt the ego at all ;) He be sending me texts like "Hey Beautiful" and quoting Shakespeare.. My bullshit meter goes off when I get those. He might have a chance if he'd just TALK to me instead of trying to impress me. I will never be impressed if you ain't being yourself! Maybe I will be single for the rest of my life. Am I too picky?

Moving on...

My sleep schedule is all effed up. I went to the mall (aka hell) yesterday to buy my brother his birthday present (some flyy ass vans).. I got home around 5pm and slept till 9pm. I woke up and my mom tried to ask me if I was celibate on the slyy.. so funny... So, I texted my friend to see if we was going out that night and we were both wayy tired so we both decided to go to bed. I fell back asleep, then woke up at like 2.. texted a little... then went back to sleep.. woke up at 7.. See.. It's crazy. I hate it. I like sleep.. but I like a FULL 4 hours... atleast.

Anyhwo, this blog is kinda boring. LOL, I'mma right a blog entitled music tonight ;)


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