Sunday, March 8, 2009


"I used to wake up some days and wish I stayed asleep...
Cause I went to bed on top of the world..
Today the world's on top of me..."

That's exactly how I felt this morning. Man, this depression thing is a battle. It sucks but I'm going to try to get through it cause I have to sing today. Oh.. I sing with The University of Louisville Black Diamond Choir. Where my altos? holla!!! LOL

Let me shout-out all of yall who've left me some love in the form of a comment. Nakia, Jordan, Sabrina, Billy D., the wonderful lady who writes the blog entitled Don't be a Slut.. [please check it out.. good read-age.. good wisdom] and Haylee.. I really apprecitate it guys. It means much that yall would take some time out of your life to comment on my words.

If you're reading my blog, follow it so I can follow yours. I just wanna know who's readin my ish!

Birthday Shout-Outs.. My neighbor since I was like 8 turned 21 yesterday... Happy Birthday Taylor! And my good friend in Arizona, Ashley turned... hmm.. 22 maybe? Maybe 21.. Hell, idk.. LOL.. Happy Birthday Ashley!

I'll write a real blog later, just had to take care of some house-keeping.

Ok, well.. I'm about to go get some eat-age and sing-age on. Oh.. the tiny dangerous one looked feirce last night.


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