Sunday, March 8, 2009


*sigh* wooosaaahh..

Remember how I told you all that I had an engagement to sing at today? Well, it was a mess. I mean.. we sang good.. but so many things were going on in the church that shouldn't have been. Now, my intention is not to criticize any particular denomination and for that reason I won't name the church that we were at. I will say that I think we as Christians are too caught up in our denominations. I'm cool with anyone who belives that Jesus is the messiah and that He is THE way to Jesus. The bible only speaks of THE church anyway. THE church is God's elect. Of course, we can't build one building for all of Christ's followers but I do think there should be less isolations between the denominations which are man-made anyway. I'm digressing..

Anywho, there were so many things wrong with this service. This particular church has many jurisdictions, districts, bishops.. all that.. Which is cool but there was too much recognizing this person and that person. I believe that GOD should get the MOST recognition in church and that just wasn't happening. After awhile, I was done clapping for people. When I'm in church, I'm using my energy to Praise God..

Secondly, these liturgical dancers came out.. It was like the gospel America's Best Dance Crew. They had a mastermix.. and diva, chopped n skrewed, please don't stop the music, and ring leader was mixed in there! NOT IN CHURCH! There are gospel artists that provide dance-able music (Tye Tribett, Kirk Franklin) we shouldn't have to hear the top 40's in church!

Then.. yall ready? Cause this is when I knew I wasn't gonna get no praise on.. He talked bad about my president yall! He said these EXACT words "Barack Obama smokes, and you can't get into Heaven smoking..." Ok.. lets not address this the President yet.. cause he definitely just lied on Jesus.. I was so upset at this.. The ONLY way to get to Heaven is through beliving in Jesus Christ. Don't nobody send me no hate-mail and try to disagree with me because I'm telling the TRUTH. If I don't believe in anything, I know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.

That being said.. what black man in his right mind would say anything negative about the President?!

OH! and then when it came time for offering he was like "I'mma ask everyone to give $20"... WHAT?! Who is he to tell us what to give? God already told us that in the bible (%10)... Ugh.. I'm so done with the foolery in church.

I'm so upset, I'm listening to John Mayer radio on Pandora. LOL crazy..

OK.. I'm calm. thanks for reading. I needed to get that off my chest.

Be easy.


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Lovely Virgo said...

i so just cried...girl a tear escaped from my right eye...oh lord..the things folks do...yes i would've walked out of church & asked to be excuse...that's just wow...and to ask for a certain amount...frivolousness...bless it all the day long..