Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The gay male/female relationship.

Today church, I think I'm going to talk about the gay male/female friendship.

I think at one point ladies, we all need a gay male in our lives. Not everyone's lucky enough to have a gay brother like me.. lol.. But of course gay men are easy to come by.. I mean, I feel like I'm talking about them like pets.. but, I don't mean any harm. I love the kids..

Me and my friend Aaron met in August (Aaron's my facebook husband, he's conceited, he gotta reason) I guess he's my gay-friend. But I'm not the "Grace" to his "Will" For one, I ain't And two, I'm not in love with him.. [[But I am a bit self-absorbed like Grace..]]

Its good to have a male-perspective but that.. umm.. feminine companionship. When I'm with Aaron, I feel protected, I know that he's not going to let anything happen to me but on the otherside, I know he ain't gonna be tryna get in my draws or talking about every female with a big ass.. that kinda gets on my nerves when i'm with my hetero male friends.. [[ok.. aaron does talk about ass sometimes.. but you understand.. lol]] What I'm getting at is that is seems like bi and gay males have more respect for females.. and thats a quality that all of my friends need to have.

He's also a bomb-ass dancer. Like, when you dance with a straight guy.. he just stands there and puts his dick on ya back... Not cute.. I like to dance with someone who's dancing as hard as me. [[I feel a club entry coming on soon]] There's also the fashion-sense of course... I mean Aaron's color-blind like me.. but we still get things done. LOL He also gives me the male-perspective on my relationships and he gives me a level-head.

So yall feel me? Lots of benefits. And folks.. I know sexuality does not define us, but it is a large part of who we are. I mean, how do you make people? SEX! So with that said, I'm not Aaron's friend cause he's gay. I'm his friend because I love him and I think he's an amazing man. Aaron wasn't even out when I met him. Our friendship ain't based on our sexuality. It's based on our compalibility. We just.. click.

[I had Aaron's permission to write this..]


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