Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last night my friend Eric took me out to get me some Old Chicago Pizza.. It was the bomb diggity. Couldn't finish it. Good for leftovers. Bomb.. Before that I got to hang out with my favorite girl Nakia aka Boniqua.. check out her blog [life of a tru virgo] she brings joy to my life.

Anywho, I'm sitting here watching Law and Order. I love this show. I always get the case wrong, and always try to figure it out nonetheless. LOL. My day was pretty cool woke up.. went for a run.. the weather is orgasmic.. came back, walked around in my draws till my mom got home from work, then we went to price her some breaks and some lamenent floors... random I know.. thats where I get it from. I friggin love my mom. We look like twins.. but we got different personalities.. fuels many arguments.. very entertaining to hear our conversations.

Ok, fellas... Puh-LEASE GET SOME GAME! Trust me, ladies appreciate it. They know its game. But the effort works in your favor. This dude is textin me begging to perform oral sex on me! Are you effing serious? He SAYS he wants to persue a relationship with me.. and clearly that ain't the way. The way to get me excited is through the mind, not through the... well.. you know.. hehe. Maybe thats why statistically I deal with women, because they actually TALK about whats on their minds and in their hearts. Its valuable information to me. But ladies.. sometimes yall talk too much... but thats a different entry for a different day.

Had a good talk with my friend Shalese today. We professed our feelings to one another.. Platonic feelings, yall. LOL..

You ever be hungry but don't wanna eat? No... yea.. i knew it was just me..

Well, UofL and UK, keep enjoying yall's spring breaks...


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Organic Meatbag said...

Damn, I wish I had a spring break right about now...it's too nice out there to be doing this bullshit work that I have to do every day! Damn! And as for classless guys, well you know, for every 1 nice guy, there's about 3,000 assholes out there!