Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Every time the beat drop...

So I just realized that this blog is turning into one about love/relationSHITS/sex.. Which is ok. But I feel like I should shake it up a little.. Well, I did talk about alter-egos so that works.

Anywho, I got my depression pill. Just took it, so I hope it works for me cause I got two tests to take today. Man, i sound psycho don't I? The thing is, the are lots of symptoms to depression.. Way more than just being depressed. Makes you sleepy, lathargic.. blah blah.. Yall kno I love sleep... And the depression makes me REAL sleepy like all the time.. so the med that I'm on kinda balances things out. It doesn't make me like energetic or nothing, just makes me normal. I felt I needed to explain.. hope yall understand.

So, I'm on pandora... [pandora.com] and its playing Single Ladies.. Now yall already know I love me some Beyonce.. but they play the hell outta her songs. I never thought I'd be tired of it! And I can't fast-forward just because of the principle of it all. Ugh.

Well, I have two Bio tests today. Teachers be trippin, I kno. Pray for me.

Oh, my title is a Monica song.. Is it just me or do all Atlanta artist's songs sound alike?


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