Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The story of Carrie's Burn...


Yall know I love to give tips and shit right? Word to the wise, please do not smoke weed while you drunk. It is a sure fire way (no pun intended) to get ya ass burned. I burned the FUCK out of my finger last night. Was holding the blunt in between my fingers and my drunk ass just runs my hand down the blunt like the end ain't on FIRE. I said 'shitfuckdamn!'It hurt, but I was drunk so it was ok. Ran my hand under some cold water and then proceeded to McDonalds.


Oh, So... I'm sure I've mentioned this before but once I get some alcohol in me, I get real confident. There's this girl I been peepin that works at the McDonalds on campus. So for whatever reason I hit on her hard last night. She was entertained. I told her that I wasn't just doing it cause I was drunk. She gave me her number... and guess what its her real number to! LOL

Well, I'm home for the summer, gonna be a lazy bum for the rest of this week then get to work. Peace-n-Love 2 u.

Song of the Day: "I do" 98 degrees [don't ask]

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