Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Laryngitis aka Sick -n- shut in


Audience, I don't get sick. I'm invincible.


I have fucking laryngitis! I mean, really? Just my 'luck'. I don't just get colds and shit, I always get bronchitis, laryngitis! Some -itis! Something in me always wants to get inflamed! Swear, it only happens around every 3 years, and the stress of college and me kissing everyone on the mouth probably didn't help. My voice is gone. I sound horrible, my throat hurts bad and up until a couple of hours ago, I was congested like... Bad. It all started out as a cold when the temp dropped last week, then I had a concert and sung my lungs out.. so thats probably where the laryngitis came in..

So, I go to campus health on Monday morning.. I hate going to the doctor because I don't like being poked and prodded, so you know its bad for me to tell myself I have to go. I mean, I was tried of sweating through my sheets... anywho, I get back there and get tested for strep, flu, syphillys and aids.. [not joking.. lol] all of those are negative.. Thank GOD.

So, the doctor tells me I have laryngitis.. she doesn't say acute or chronic.. I'm guessing chronic cause she said I'll be in bed for 2 weeks (YEA RIGHT!).. Next thing I kno I'm on a breathing machine. I was mad, that is not G behavior.. But anything to get the voice right for the laaadiiiess...

So, My mother came and got me and took my sick-feverish grown ass home. I'm not on an inhaler, sudafed, orangejuice... a netti pot and anything that will keep my temperature down. the congestion is improved greatly. i'm ready to go back to school and finish out my first year of college with an effing bang.. Chyyyeaaa

So kids, wish I felt like talking about something deep and profound, but I'm all drugged up. So it ain't happenin! haaaaa

Song of the day: Get 'em High- Kanye West [college drop out]


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