Monday, April 13, 2009

Relationships & Love Part 2


I'm slow with my sequels.. But hey, its cause I don't force anything. I just let it flow. I must have inspiration in order to to write.. You can find part one of this series under March 1st's entry. Its about the (lack of) connection between love and sex. It's a good read. Though, it isn't necessary to read part one to understand part 2. Well, hell.. maybe it is.. cause you have to understand my opinion of the whole phenomenon in order to get part 2... hell, do whatcha want...

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, we hadn't talked in a while and I was updating her on my life and the harem of women i'm always involved with (joking... or am i?). We first met in December and I had just got out of a relationship with whatsherface and I was like fuck love and fuck sex to! Plus, I had decided to be celibate until I found 'the one'. She was VERY impressed and was also celibate so she always encouraged me to not give in to physical temptation if you will..

Today church, my topic in this series will be The Un-natural-ness of Monogamy now, let me first say that I'm not talking about weather monogamy is right or wrong... i'm talking about how natural it is for a person to want to have sex with just ONE person. I think we all have the wrong attitude about monogamy. I'm not advocating infedility.. but think about it.. there's a LOT of it. We crucify people who are unfaithful like there's something wrong with them. [[I just realized that there's no connection from my topic to the situation mentioned above with my friend... I'll bring it all together eventually.. be] If there are sooo many people that have sex with someone other than who they're in a committed relationship with, why do we treat them like they have some disease?

My ex always accused me of having "The wandering eye syndrome" it didn't make me mad. I didn't disagree. I was in love with her. Didn't want to be in a relationship with anyone but her. But why should I avert my eyes if the girl walking down the street's ass looks GREAT in those jeans? Yea ladies.. I know what you thinking 'how disrespectful'... @@! Whatever! I'm WITH you, you are my girlfriend, I made a commitment to you and no ass is gonna come in between that! I never get jealous when the object of my affection gets "W.E. syndrome" because whoever they looking at isn't ME... It ain't about if they look better, have a better mind or whatever.. if I call you mine.. the difference between me and them is that they can't feel the same way about you that I do.. cause when I get gone off someone? I'm totally all the way


I was telling my friend [mentioned above] about these 2 girls I'm 'talking' to.. I said something along the lines of "Girl#1 has already used up her 3 strikes, so she can't be my girlfriend.. but I could still probably fuck her." Then she was like "No! You're not supposed to be having sex.." and I was like "Ever?"... she was like "Till you find that right one.." I'm sure you can guess what I did next... I rolled my eyes.

I'm so tired of this fairy tale fantasy bullshit that women talk about... Fairytales are great.. But the thing about that is, I live in the REAL world.. [[and I'm not talking about MTV's version either.. cause that ain't real either. ]].. I'm not saying that I've given up hope on finding 'the one' but I think its kind of rediculous for me to deprive myself of physical pleasure just because I haven't met 'em yet. Life is short! and I like orgasms! Yall already know that I'm all for masturbation... but I'm all for not wasting my energy either... [Go green..]

If I can get an orgasm and not use my energy? Why stop? Plus, I like being next to someone.. Baby monkeys who don't have contact with another monkey die... Touching someone else is very important for our mental health.. But you know whats NOT necessary for mental health... a relationship! LOL..

I asked her why couldn't I find someone... go get tested with them.. and just have sex with 'em? Everyone isn't relationship material.... Everyone ain't fucking material. You're lucky if you find someone who is relationship AND fucking material.. but whats so bad about finding someone and agreeing that yall's relationship is simply physical, yall don't want a commitment.. and yall just have sex... kinda like a workout?

Am I too open-minded?

I think relationships are beautiful. I'm a very affectionate person and I'm not a relationship-phobe... I do want to get married and have 2.5 kids.. and I'm also not against monogamy.. I think thats beautiful as well. My grandparents have been married for like 50 years.. and you know what came from that union? ME! lol.. so monogamy and committed relationships are beautiful.. I just think that while I'm young, I should be able to get some practice in...

Or am I just greedy and a horny-toad? you be the judge...

I wish eros would send me a nymph...


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