Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reality TV alternatively titled: Boniqua & Karma: episode 1

Happy Resurrection Day!

I was just sitting at my desk and thought 'its a great time to write a blog'. Me and my bestie/madre did a video blog on Saturday. It's quite entertaining. We discussed Cassie's haircut. Veiw it here..

Hope you enjoyed.. we made one about reality TV to.. but it's twenty minutes long so we'll have to do some editing.

Went to church for the first time in 2 weeks today. So refreshing. Long ass sermon. Made me sleepy.. but Bless Him anyhow.

Guesss I can talk about reality TV now.. LOL.. Now, I'm a part of generation Y. A PROUD part of generation Y... but Reality TV is just getting a bit rediculous. It all started with Real World. I loved real world when it came out. I still do love it.. but MTV, yall have came out with some ignant ass seasons.. Austraila, Paris.. and this past Boston? Not cute. I loved back to New York, Chicago and Nawlins tho. I guess we can't have it all.

Don't get me started on this 'love' show phenomenon.. The Flavor of Love has been daddy and grandaddy to many shows.. I love New York, Real Chance of Love, Charm School... I understand what Musiq mean when he said "Love... so many people use your name in vain'' that shit ain't about LOVE! It's very sexual.. (Chardonay's banana split switched my bloodflow from my brain to my... well.. you get the picture)...

I think that we as American's need to raise the standards of things that will entertain us... I have my own guilty pleasures.. but.. lets do better guys.

What do you think about reality tv's take over?


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