Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to get a Carrie-Harem.

Hey, I promised you my how to right? You know I'mma deliver.. just had to wait for the right inspiration. The right inspiration came to me when this morning when someone got eliminated from my harem. I'll tell that story later.

For the sake of words, but not to insult your intelligence... A harem has many definitions.. Most prominent perhaps being the women in a Muslim household. Damn those muslims.. they get all the fun. In the animal kingdom, a harem is a group of women belonging to a male. The male denies other males access to this group.

That being said, a Carrie-harem, is my group of females. [[NOT my platonic female relationships]].. These females are NOT my girlfriends, though ex-girlfriends whom I'm still cool with are included in my harem. They are girls I like and flirt with basically... I've had a sexual relationship with less of them than you think I have. Very picky about who I let get this good stuff ;) I realize that I sound like an asshole, guess what? I am. It's a dog-eat dog world. I don't mislead or take advantage of anyone. I always tell people, I'm not gonna sell you no pipe-dreams, if you're not going to be my girlfriend, you're not going to be my girfriend.. That being said.. There are many advantages to having a harem. Women are beautiful, loving creatures and if they think highly enough of you, they'll do anything for you. I'm not just looking for sex from these young women, sometimes just someone to talk to, catch a movie with or fuuuckk.. LOL

That being said..

**Presenting steps to get a successful Carrie-Harem**

1. Figure out what you DON'T like. Process of elimination works in many situations. You'll be able to weed out a lot of chicken-heads, gold-diggers and hood-rats. No one wants a trash-harem.

2. Figure out who YOU are. Women like confidence, and won't walk all over you if you don't let them.

3. Don't let 'em know your mission... How you look comin up to a girl saying 'you wanna be part of my harem?' I'd look at you like you had 2 necks. Just be cool about. It TALK to her. LISTEN to what she has to say.

4.DO NOT sell pipe-dreams. You don't need somebody fallin in love with you if that ain't what you tryna do. Don't tell her she wifey material, you love her, you want her kids.. none of that bullshit. Save the lies. This is also a good way to eliminate who you DON'T want. If a woman wants to be wifed up, she is NOT harem-material.

5. Figure out who ya potential girl is, what she likes... what she doesn't like. If she sees you care.. she'll wanna be on your team. Women want to be protected, appreciated, and sexed good. LOL

6. Keep it light and fun. Movies, dancing, ice cream.. Shit like that. Don't take her to no funeral or no shit like that. LOL

7. Phone-numbers, myspaces, facebooks... get all of her info. It's important to be able to communicate with her at multiple times and in multiple ways.. This is the age of technology, keep up!

8. Respect whatever standards she sets for herself (within reason). Respect is very important. Women like it.

9. If you go into this only wanting sex, a woman will recognize that.. and guess what, asshole? They don't like it when someone only wants they pussy. Go for the mind, first.

10. Do NOT let the members of your harem at the same place at the same time! If they are, be cool about it.. If its at a club, dance with both of 'em at the same time. Neither one of them are your girlfriend right?

Aiight, 10's a good number. Whatchu think?

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