Thursday, April 23, 2009

Strip Club


Yes. I go to the strip club. This is my strip club entry, if you are offended by me calling it a strip club, or referring to them as strippers, might wanna click the X.

So this college and laryngitis phenomenon had be a bit stressed today. My boy made me go to the booby bar with him. Yes.. Made me.. I love naked women but I would've been perfectly listening to old Mary J Blige jams with an inhaler in my right hand and a gun in my left. Glad I got out of the house tho. Anywho, me and him are sitting by the main stage.. Wait.. lemme back up. We name all the girls by their tattoos, there's "Dragonfly" [dragonfly on her back], "Eyes" [eyes on her back], "Fuck-you" [yes, this bitch got fuck you tattooed on her ass], "Hebrew" [she has some hebrew shit her sides]... yea.. there's many more. We don't bother learning names, we don't have that kind of time....

Anywho, we sitting front-stage and this girl has some kind of writing on her ass.. Now, I'm blind and its smokey and dark in there but he nudges me and says "Is that scripture?" and I'm like "No idiot, she's a stripper and it's on her ass.."... So, my curiousity starts getting the best of me.. and I throw a dollar at her so I can see her tat closer. Didn't get a good look.. So then she goes to the other side and starts dancing... and my boy says "That says Psalms.." I'm like "the hell it does.." so HE throws a dollar at her and I get a good look this time..

This bitch had Psalms 12:2 tattooed on her ass...

Idk whats worse, getting scripture on your ass, being a stripper with scripture on your ass, or me throwing a dollar at you to get a closer look..

You be the judge.

But yea, before that.. I got a lap dance from "Dragonfly" she told me she was gonna molest me. She stepped on my crotch, i was entertained.. but not aroused. Good times.

So.. I'm naked.. I just realized I hate my boobs. I don't wanna be a DD cup anymore.. Back to the gym.. chhyyeea!

Oh yea..

Song: "Seventeen" MusiqSoulchild [Aiijuswanaseing]


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