Monday, April 27, 2009

Bigger than hip-hop? Nothin!


I know I usually do the Song of the Day at the end but I just gotta do it up front.. "Juicy" by the Notorius B.I.G.

I been on my hip-hop shit lately. See, I chose to write my last essay on the influence of Hip-Hop on America's youth. Deep right? I know. If you wanna read... lemme kno. Did I mention I love Hip-Hop so much? I'm a product of it. "Juicy" just gieves me an indescribable feeling. I can't necessarily relate to everything Biggie has gone through. But his shit is real and yall already know how I feel about realness. Thats what I love so much about real hip-hop.. Talking about shit that really happens and rhyming to... Same reason I hate current hip-hop.. what the FUCK is souljah boy talking about?

I think Lil Wayne is slowly making his way to legendary status. It took him awhile to get there. When he was with CashMoney he was in the shadow of rappers that had way less talent. He was going nowhere... but when he got away from them he became a monster... a giant of a rapper. He's sick. Now, I don't know why all yall ladies think he's so sexy.. the nigga got a face only a mother could love.. But he does have swag.. takes more than that for me to be attracted.

Oh and don't even get me started on Lauryn...

So... I'm pretty much done with my first year of college. I can't believe it. I've grown so much, learned so much about myself. Made great friends. I'm ready to go home though. This shit was stressful and I deserve a break.. even though I know I won't have one. I will miss Louisville and I'm already excited about what next year holds. I've realized that I'm a big girl. I'm becoming a woman and I can see myself living without my mother and stuff like that.. Its scary but good to know...

Oh yea, I'm officially a smoker. I wanna quit, cause I'm about to go into a intense weight-loss thingy this summer and smoking ain't gonna fit in with that.. but that nicotine just does me so right. It's like a kiss on the neck when I'm stressed. A couple of my good male friends really want me to quit. I hold their opinions in high esteem most of the time so that's really motivating me. Told me that ciggarettes lead to crack... LOL, at the rate i'm going, i'll be at the trap soon cause I just smoked 3 ciggarettes while outside with Mo. I'm a very social smoker. I always smoke another if someone comes up and lights one up.

Well(p), I'm hungry.


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