Tuesday, April 7, 2009



So, I've been having these nightmares lately... I can't really remember them. I just know they're in black and white.. well, not really black and white.. the color just has a gray tent to it.. anywho... they scare the holy hell out of me and I wake up and think I'm seeing shit in my room... I asked my mom about it.. She says I watch too many horror movies. But I love 'em and I'm not finna stop.. Plus horror movies don't scare me.... Second, it could be my medication.. but I've been taking that.. so...?.... I cleaned my room and threw letters and pictures away from my ex and I feel that the energy in my room is much better now. I haven't tried to sleep.. but I didn't know that stuff from that ignant excuse of a human was among me.. so.. i'll update you when i do try to sleep.

Lady Cards.. ya hurtin me.. I'm so proud tho..

Well, I think I'mma end it here. Cause I'm sleepy.. and I wanna be naked.. and I can't be on wood..


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