Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prequel to Carrie-Harem/Singers and Actors.


Song of the Day- "Bills, Bills, Bills" Destiny's Child [the original Destiny's Child... the four of 'em.. LOL]

Anywho, I kno yall tired of me putting the song of the day up front but they are necessary for my discussion topics. Before I get into what I want to say let me first say that I think that Destiny's Child new and old versions are the shit. I grew up on 'em. Sang "Bills Bills Bills" to my daddy as a little girl. [He couldn't pay my Bills... another story for another day... whoo... I just felt child-hood bitterness.. that is not a good color on me.. ] Anywho, ignore the brackets.. I love Destiny's Child... and I love Beyonce as a solo artist. She's a hell of an entertainer. "If I were a Boy" is one of the only songs that can get tears outta me.

That being said, I went to go see "Obsessed" on Saturday. Now, it was a good movie. But I think the it would've been a better movie if they would've got an actress to play Beyonce's part instead of a singer. I don't think its fair that just because someone can sing good that they can be an acctress.. There are some double threats out there.. Mos Def is a hell of an actor, Bobby Brown can act... Who else... um... Jamie Foxx.. but he's a special case.. also surprisingly Sean "PuffDaddy, P. Diddy, Diddy" Combs is a good actor to. I was impressed with Rasin in the Sun.. hell, he should do that instead of rap... Anywho... I say all this because it's unfair that Beyonce can be the star of a movie and Nia Long can't make an album..

Beyonce was over-acting and if it hadn't been for Idris Elba carrying her then the movie woulda been wack. I understand they put B in that role to put asses in seats but.. she's not an actress.. she IS getting better but she's not Nia Long, Sannaa Lathan or Angela Bassett on their worse days.. that movie would been the SHIT if they woulda got an actress to play that part...

My homo-friend got mad at me when I told him this. I mean, why do gay men feel such an obligation to Britney, Beyonce and Tyra? These Divas aint concerned about them! He told me that he just watched the movie for the fight scene and wouldn't have went to go see it if an actual actress would've played B's part.... Way to support your black actors and actresses, asshole.

Anywho, I'm moving on to a newsubject. Never been good at transitions..

Now, as I mentioned before I'm done with school.. still in Louisville for now.. I'm originally from Lexington and of course I'm going home for the summer. I was gonna take classes but fuck that...
I'm always joking with yall about my harem of women... but there's truth to every joke. I'm not a whore or anything but I do have a black book. For some reason, they've all been blowing up my phone like they know I'm about to come home. My friend Lovie says they got radar on my ass... I wouldn't put it past 'em..

That being said, there are certain things in the gay community that are acceptible that I can't get with.. For one, don't EVER call me 'Daddy' I dunno why I hate it but I do. Grosses me out. [[In case you don't know, gay women call the dominant one "daddy" sometimes and its supposed to turn 'em on]] Me and Lovie joke about this all the time and I told her today "I hate being called daddy, but I kinda feel like him.." she said "How so?" I said "cause daddy needs to come home!" LOL

So, I was telling my closet-homo-friend about my "Lexington-Booty" as they are so lovingly named.. and he said "I need to take your class.." so I'm like "What?" He was like "You pimpin all over KY"... Needless to say, I was very amused by this... I told him that I'd put a powerpoint together...

So.. Next entry? How to get Carrie-Harem



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