Friday, April 17, 2009


Hello loves..

This is perhaps the earliest time I've ever wrote a blog. I have to be in class in 18 minutes.. but that's plenty of time.

I effing love Ray Charles. Call me old, but I'm listening to "Hit the Road Jack".. this song is so dope and I don't even know what it is about the song.. It's just dope as hell.

So, I'm still sick, woke up at like 3 this morning feeling HORRIBLE. I would've gone to the ER if I had a car or the energy to call someone. I sweated through my sheets, I was congested so I couldn't breath through my nose, and my throat was swollen. Thank goodness I don't have tonsils! I vaguely remember walking down the hall to blow my nose... I came back, took some meds then turned on some relaxing music. It helped. I'm not in pain anymore, but I'm still a bit congested. What do I have? It ain't the flu... cause I'm still able to do regular shit.. but when I sleep, I be dead to the world!

So, I was sitting in my english class the other day and realized that this is perhaps the lamest group of people I've ever had the displeasure of being in the presence of. I laughed to myself cause it was I mean, this one dude in particular.. be talking about comic books and shit... I mean, dude.. you gotta be on your way to 20.. you too grown to be comparing batman the comic to batman the movie. There are some people you can tell don't get any pussy at all... I on the other hand, have a harem of women.. just joking ;)

Well, guess I better go get this 'ish off the printer and make my way to class...


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Organic Meatbag said...

It's even more pathetic to see a 40 year old man complaining about how The green Lantern's costume is not as efficient as his old one...yeah, you will see plenty of those people about not gettin' any...