Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey yall, realized I hadn't blogged in awhile for me... Just gonna share my thoughts..

I might take this spring semester off. I haven't decided yet.. I just wanna perform to my full potential, a nigga didn't do horrible this semester, but there are some factors to why I didn't do as well as I could and I might need to take time off to cater to it. Feel me? I'm praying and asking God to do whatever it is in His will for me. I kinda wanna join the peace corps...

Did I mention I hate driving? I don't bring my car on campus, but of course I'm home for the holiday and my fam has me driving all over this town. I hate it. Especially this time of year, people don't know how to act right. Will the world end if you don't get ya gifts to people? Negative. The craze is unmotivated and simply done because.. well, everyone's doing it.

Isn't it white-santa's job anyway?!

I'm watching these woman cops on TLC. Mrs. Officer indeed! I love women who can run with the boys...

Alrighty, enjoying my break.. contemplating about what my next move will be.... i'm getting my degree, regardless. The pursuit of it just might need a break... Not sure, yall know my girlfriends and boyfriends on campus will be mad at me... ugh.

Song of the Day:. "Peace of Mind" Lauryn Hill


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