Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cultural Anthropology.

Hey yall, this wind is no joke.... I almost had to hold on to a pole when I was waiting to cross the street today. LOL

Anywho, this semesters coming to an end, classes are over but I still got a lotta work to do. Well, not a lot.. just shit I don't wanna do. Got my music book open now... I don't like it cause makes it seem like white people invented music. Where the hell yal think yall got a drum from? France?.. No, Africa, nigga. You ain't foolin' me.

Went to a house party Monday night. I had wayy too much fun. I might just become a cultural anthropologist (not) because people are so fun to watch. Alcohol makes everyone nicer. Yes, I'm that guy that professes my love when I've had a few... I danced with menz I wouldn't look at twice if sober. But hey, it was a stress reliever. Even though I'm on a no-woman diet, there's a girl.. well woman that was there that i'd totally try to get at.... "Reached for a hand shake gotta hug..." and was too excited. I got the tea on her and its a go... IF I wanted to.. Don't think I am..... should I? NNNAAWWW...

(Hypothetical) Question... Why do women do/say stuff in order to get a reaction? Dunno if this happens to you, but it happens to me. Now, if you know me... you know that I'm pretty laid back and even if I have a reaction in my head, it might not necessairly manifest its self. I don't want you to know that I'm spending that if any energy on you. People already think they too important to me anyway. I could take you or leave you. Promise. It just irks me because I feel like I'm being disrespected on purpose for a reaction... and my reactions aren't subtle... Like, I will smack a bitch and not lose any sleep or cuss you out in front of your momma... and then I'm wrong, right?

Speaking of... for the rest of 2009, i'm letting all fuckery slide.. but when 2010 comes around? I'm coming for you. My pimp hand needs a work out.

Aw, I gotta tell yall aobut a funny drunk-conversation I had with my brother "social-justice"... Evidently, I have a fetish for small men, men who are bald, men who wear bowties, and I like funny looking women... Facts about me you should take advantage of....

Aiight, I'm finishin' this chapter then continuing my lazy-ness... I'm so over this semester.

Last Thots:. People are Fake. White people in general are painfully unaware. This girl sitting accross from me is fyyyyyyyy... she keeps looking over here... and I'mma..... oh wait.. no-woman diet. right.

Song of the Day:. "Zion" Lauryn Hill


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