Monday, December 21, 2009

More Advice.

Hey people. Yall gave muy bueno advice yesterday... Shout-outs to my friend from middle school, said she reads my blog everyday. I didn't even know! Who else is reading?! 

Coming to America is on TV, this is my all time favorite movie. Its funny as hell but also a very good cultural movie. Yall know I be on my anthropology.. 

Anywho, since yall give good advice, I need some mo'.. dont get tired of me.. 

In a nutshell, there's this girl I was talking to and then we stopped talking. Period. Then... she comes back in to my life and I tell her that we can be FRIENDS with no pressure of romance. I'm simply just not interested in her in that way. Now, I knew a friendship wasn't going to work out.. cause she proved her low maturity level.. so of course she's been flirting and on this reminiscing shit... I feel disrespected that she'd still try to go there after I told her that I wanted no pressure.. Now, I'm not a mean kidd [haha...] so I don't say whats on my mind when she says shit.. but I def don't flirt back.... Its super frustrating... 

So.. should I tell her that she needs to chill? Not talk to her all together? Or just do nothing? I don't want to hurt anyone but not at the expense of my respect. Lemme know something, yall. 

Ok, I'm wayy to distracted, talking to madre, watching coming to america, reading proverbs 3... 

Song of the Day:. "Officially missing you" Tamia

One last thing... I've truly learned what unconditional love is.. in spite of her actions, I love HER. The person... and I'm fine with that. I asked God to make me stop loving her, He said, No. LoL... 

What is YOUR definition of Love?


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