Saturday, December 5, 2009


I don't do it much, last night I lived the college life. LOL

Went to what the call The Black Women's Appreciation Dinner on the yard last night. The brothas did a GREAT job, I can't wait till its our turn. I danced with a real nice guy and of course my embarassing ass friends took pictures...

Now, of course last night I was dressed up, and everyone was so surprised. I'm like, dag? Do I be looking like a thug on campus for real.. and did yall expect me to come thuggin' last night to a dinner? Puh-lease, I do everything in life HARD. I thug HARD and I dress up HARD.

"Look at this pea coat, tell me she broke..."

Oh yea... yall I walked straight into a trap earlier. It was kinda funny. This girl text me and was like "what you doing tonight?" why'd my dumbass say "nothin.." then she was like "you should chill with me..." my ass try to backtrack and say "Uhh.. i gotta lotta studying to do.." which isn't totally untrue.. I just can't have custody of THAT anymore.

So, none of my teams won today.... UK, E. Carolina and in a minute, Alabama gonna win... Ugh. LOL

Song of the Day:. "I'll Trust You" James Fortune. <-- just discovered it today.. beautiful song.


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