Friday, December 11, 2009


Alright, its quickly nearing 3am why the FUCK am I up?? My roommate and company woke me up first coming in all loud. That shit is so fucking rude. When she's sleep and I come in? I'm as quiet as can be you know, cause I know how I feel when someone comes into my peaceful sleep and fucks it up! But the story gets better!! She starts FUCKING! And I don't mean we-tryna-sneak-and-fuck-cause-your-roomate's-in-here-fucking... I mean... LOUD fucking like yall husband and wife and this is yall's house for real! I mean nasty fucking sounds, and they knew I was awake!

Yall, i just don't see how people can do it. I've been fucking and someone walked in... or I've made out with someone else in the room.. but for me to start fucking knowing someone's across the room and may or may not be trying to go to sleep? Disrespectful. Not only to the person, but to my partner as well. Sex to me is a very intimate act and even when I had that one-night stand? (dont judge me.. lol) I respected her enough not to fuck her while my roommate was in the room..

AND then, the nigga just left? I mean, you gon fuck me and not sleep with me? (he lives right across the hall) I'm so not able. I don't know why women enjoy disrespect so much, hell.. maybe they don't recognize it?

Sometimes I think I should just lower my standards and be disrespected by a man or disrespect a woman for the sake of not being lonely? But it ain't worth it....  I try to be disrespectful ladies, I really do... but I just can't.. and men.... I love the dick but I can't take the disrespect that comes with it. Yall easier to manipulate tho, so... right now, yall winning the race...

Not that I'm involved right now..

A very interesting insightful perspective comes when you're non-romantic. This diet is interesting, my eyes are opening. Message!

Song of the Day:. "Emotional Rollercoaster" -Vivian Green


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