Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You comin for MY sexuality?!

Whats up yall? Finally finished with the semster. I hope my finals aren't as stretched out next semester. I was so done. So burnt out.. I'm sure you could tell.

So, I chilled with my brother "social-justice" and the girl yesterday. We watched World's Strictest Parents. I love that show. It was also very refreshing to talk to people who had brains.. Like I love chillin' with people... but the conversation is always some shit I'm not interested in, especially when its people my age.... but last night was cool, we talked about something very important to me. Sexuality...

Bro and I both agreed that we HATE when people come for our sexuality. See, we're both what you would consider 'bisexual'... and people stay coming for my sexuality! Meaning, I've heard "You have issues with your sexuality..." or "You're confused" And its always a bitter, unhappy closeted muhfucka. I think thats what makes me so upset.. That they coming for me because THEY have the issue with my sexuality.. because I'm comfortable in who I am... and they gay ass isn't. Its like... You a dude that stays on your knees and you 'straight' or you a chick that STAY knee deep in some pussy and you hetero?

The thing is, I never really retaliate when someone tells me I have an issue with my sexuality or some dumb shit like I need to choose. Maybe thats where all this passion is coming from. I just think the fact that you talking about something so personal to me makes it look like you're avoiding your own issues. I don't look at your sexuality unless you give it to me to analyze.. meaning, you tryna hit this... and even then I might not look if its just sex....

Honestly, I don't ever analyze nobody else's shit like that. I KNOW I have my own problems, and Carrie's always the priority. (Oh gosh, I keep using my government)... Not many things offend me, but if you wanna offend a nigga quick? Come for my sexuality. I hate that shit.

Anywho, going home today.... No reason to stay here I suppose... Don't really wanna hit home either... Its whatev. I guess..

I gotta pack and shit.. Ugh. and I'm so sleepy cause I def didn't sleep till 5am.

Song of the Day:. "Lets Rock" Chrisette Michelle. I LIVE for her facials! YES!



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