Friday, December 11, 2009

Spanish and shit..

Hey yall... Currently listening to "Darling Nikki" by Prince. I fucking love him. I like a man that screams a little.

I'm going ham! on this Spanish. I have this final tomorrow morning at 8am ALL the way accross campus. I hope I do well, I always do well on finals for some reason. I can speak spanish, writing and spelling? Not so much. I'mma pick it up as a minor tho. Its a marketable skill. Anything to make me more mulah baby...

Anywho, I apologize for the last entry, but I'm sure you feel me. I was angry and the rant helped me. Cause I was really about to go off. I'm trying to do better, yall. A nigga has anger issues so this is where I come to let 'em out. Writing provides a release.

I can't wait till the break. Just wanna spend time with my mommy and the rest of my family. I know I'mma miss my friends tho.... But they blow a nigga up so.. I'm sure I'll be tired of ERRYBODY by the time 2010 rolls around..

Aiight yall, thats all I had to say.. but click on the title of this entry and it'll take you to a beautiful poem. My friend hipped me to this poet. His words are beautiful. Captures how I feel sometimes. Read and enjoy! Oh.. Its called "I Can Write the Saddest Lines" by Pablo Nuerda.

Song of the Day:. "Kink Push" Lupe Fiasco


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