Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey yall, I'm all the way burnt out. I'm not even leaning to the left like I do when I'm tired, I'm leaning to the RIGHT!

One more final to go. It's Western Music.. I'm sure I've already expressed my disdain for music with no drums.... So I'll keep it moving.. Its not even midnight and I feel like shit. I usually get a second wind around 1am, but I doubt I'll be up long enough for that to happen.

I just stared at the blog screen for 10 minutes sighing... Thats how tired I am... This won't be a long one folks...

I enjoy hanging out with the male species. They don't take ANYTHING personal which works because I never mean anything as a personal attack. Women take EVERYTHING I say and do personal, which is fine. Was just refreshing when I hung out with the boys tonight.... I could just be me and not have my "woman-guard" up.

I haven't ate this whole day. I'm so nauseated. I don't want to eat... and I NEVER lose my appetite. Its just because I'm super stressed, super tired of this fluid on my fucking ear and kinda down about things. A nigga's ok.. just reflective I suppose. Good days and bad... At least I have days to reflect.

As I get older, I learn what love is. I learn how to love. Love is when you don't fucking know WHY you love this mofo, but you do. I'd go get the moon for her, on foot... and I don't even like her. Weird.. but I'm fine with that. Hope she takes advantage..

Alrighty yall, watching Monique.... Jennifer Lewis is on there. I LOVE HER!

Song of the Day:. "India'Song" India.Arie.. you ever get reaquantied with a song and fall in love with it all over again? I did on the way back from my final today. Good stuff.


(I know, I'm tired, I'm using my government!)

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