Friday, December 4, 2009

The Real Thing.

So, I usually don't blog mid-day. But I got shit to do and this is the only free hour I have till prolly around 11pm tonight. Well naw, me and "Slim" havin movie night at the crib... So hopefully I won't be free at all. LOL

Yall, I miss the real thing.

We live in a world of myspace, facebook, twitter, text messaging, blogging... Which are all things I'm an avid user of.. (Accept myspace) but I feel like I'm missing someone's VOICE. I mean, I don't talk to some of my best friends face to face AT ALL. I'm a visual person... and non-verbal communication is something thats very important to me. I miss it when all I get is a text, an e-mail or a fbook message. I think they might just be handicapping us.. Its VERY hard for me to express my feelings when I'm face to face with someone. Rather easy if I'm sending an e-mail. But I feel like I'm punking out when I do that.. and vice versa. I wanna hear ya voice.

I was talking to my friend last night on the fone about this. Her and I be tweetin' each other HARD. Finally hearing her voice on the fone? Was very refreshing. She was feelin' where I was coming from. She said we're both just getting older. I ain't wanna hear that shit.. LOL. But its true. I'll always be a big texter and I'm havin' a love affair with twitter... but I'mma make an effort to talk atleast on the phone more and face to face with my friends and frenemies. I mean, people have NO conversation skills these days. I try to spark up a conversation and people lightweight have an anxiety attack on that ass... and I think I am pretty quiet when I'm just chillin' with my friends.. cause I just like watching and listening to people's conversations.. so maybe thats why... ?

Alright, I got a study session and what not to go to. But first... FOOD.

Song of the Day:. "Holy Ghost Power" Chicago Mass Choir.... That REAL gospel.


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