Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Kidd needs advice..

Hey yall... I need some advice. See, I'm not one to express my feelings, especially when someone hurt my feelings. I just... rather leave it alone... I'm non-confrontational. But I need to do better, cause I always wanna know when I hurt someone else.. thats the last thing I wanna do. Anywho...

I told yall about my whore-ass-stepdaddy getting married and not telling me or my little brother. Now, he has no obligation to me even though he did marry my mother and HAS been in my life since I was 2. My brother is his son and thats my issue. Why do men do that shit? I don't have children yet.. but I can't imagine making a life change and not telling them.. Hell, I liteweight cussed at the ex wife for not telling me something that was wayy less important than getting married... [love u! lol]

Anywho.. the issue is.. He keeps sending me these corny ass forwards so I'll respond and ask him about his marriage. The thing is, I'm not on it. He has LOTS of nerve TEXTING me some lame ass love forward when we have BIDNESS that we haven't attended to. He's the adult in the situation and needs to come to somebody and let them know whats really going on. The ink isn't dry on him and my mother's divorce papers, he has 8 kids besides me and is married and I can't get a fone call?

So what I'm asking is... Should I be the one to start the conversation? Or should he? I don't like to be disrespected and I def don't take to kindly to my little brother being disrespected. Should I put my pride aside and be like 'hey mofo, what the hell.." or should I just leave it alone and keep my blood pressure down? [Its at an all time low, yall!]

Yall know what to do.... Tweet or Text it since yall won't comment. UGH

Watching the Cleveland Show. I have a feeling the baby will be just like my son.

Song of the Day:. "Bettah" Jonathan Nelson
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