Sunday, December 13, 2009


Whats up, yall?! I'm still on a high from today's services. This morning pastor preached about the "Seeker"... What I took away from the service was the famous scripture... Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven and all its Righteousness and EVERYTHING else will be added. (Matthew 6:33). Its so true, yall. I've been seeking fufillment in a lot of empty stuff. I just needed to be reminded who has all of what I need in His hands. Message!

Then, went to the church's Christmas concert with Jonathan Nelson. It was epic! The choir's sound was GREAT. Some beautiful songs were sung.. they really spoke to me... One especially said "It already looks better!"

So, i'm watching the Jackson special. Capitalizing off your brother's death? Not Cute. The Jackson 5 without Michael? #EpicFail..

Anywho, just wanted to share some thoughts. Talking to my guru about my love life and hers. Well, mostly hers cause mine is non-existent.. Did go with a guy I like to the concert tonight. I mean, it was church so it wasn't a date. But he flatters me so well. I told him I already had a big ego and not to do that. LOL

I gotta again say thank you to everyone who reads and shows me love. I've been getting a lot lately. I don't think this blog's a big deal. I just love writing and it helps. Shout-outs to a very special reader "Nhamo".. Girl, if I wasn't on this no woman diet? I'd get you all the way pregnant! Pow! LOL

Song of the Day:. "Chasing After You" aka the Morning Song by Tye Tribbett


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