Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trees. Part 2 [from a different perspective]

So, I just realized that I haven't been doing songs of the day. I think I owe you 3...

"Coldest" -Tank - 3 songs in one, listen to it.

"Daydreamin'"- Lupe Fiasco, this song is the shit. I can tell this nigga got high and wrote this song, but I love it.

"All falls down" - Kanye, correct me if this is a repeat but clearly this song is why I love hip-hop. I know every word and I almost started crying when he did this song at his concert.

Ok... Now moving on. Today was Women's Day at my church. I went to both services. I'm tired of church so if you came here to read about it, you'll be dissapointed cause I'm not going to talk about it because I'm burnt out.. Except for that girl with them nice legs that came and sat RIGHT in front of me. Lord forgive me for lustful thoughts, but You made her sit there!

So my brother [from another mother] Jordan, who left insightful comments on the 2 previous entries... has come up with this dope ass ;) tree metaphor for experiencing love if you will... Now, I'mma get it wrong but he likens it to how climing your first tree will never compare when you climb other trees. Its so beautiful. I had to share. I can't directly quote him cause he ain't bout to sue me...

As I get older, I'm learning what love is and how excited I am to experience it. I've got some glimpses, chilled with some bushes.. but I ain't got my tree yet.. I'm in no rush, I kno it'll happen ;)

Now I would make this a song of the day... but I want to discuss it... "Every Girl" by Lil Wayne and Young Money... what.. yall thought I was gonna talk bad about it?! I LOVE THIS SONG! I like it because no matter what yall say, Wayne is a sick ass rapper and whoever Young Money is... is iight to! I LOVE word play.. this song has a lot...

"I think you're bionic, and I don't think you're beautiful, I think you're beyond it ;)"


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