Monday, May 11, 2009



Mother's Day was yesterday. Got my mom an mp3 player. My mom's truly an amazing woman. I could go on and on. She raised me and mi hermano alone and I'm so thankful.

So, I realized that I never told you the story of how this chick got deleted from my harem. See, this girl we'll call her... 'Sonic'... Sonic told me that she's never been with another girl. Now, I kind of believe this because she's real nervous around me, but I went over her house one time and we was watching Dora the explorer and within 5 minutes her hands were roaming... and I'm not talking about sprint roaming either, I'm talking about down my pants roaming! So, I don't believe I'm her first girl... but that really has nothing to do with anything.

I haven't really made an effort with Sonic because, she seems to easy. Plus, she used to mess with my ex-boyfriend. Scandalous.. I know.. Plus, she ain't much to look at. [[Fuck you, I'm visual]] Second, she ain't that good of a conversationalist and I feel like she's taking advantage of me AND just wants sex..

There's your background info... A week or so ago, she texts me and says she wants me to come pick her up from work and take her home.. then leave so her dad can bring her the car... I wasn't feeling that... Didn't want to run into her dad [who's a preacher] and picking you up from work isn't part of the deal. Who do you think you are? My girlfriend. NEGATIVE! So then the next day she asks again and says something along the lines of, if you don't come get me i'm not going to wanna 'chill' with you. Red lights started going off... She was offering up her pussy for a ride! Which made me realize that it must not be that good, or she must not THINK its that good if all I have to do is take you accross town to get the draws. Either way, I wasn't touchin it. Secondly, She was just taking advantage of the fact that I have a car.. Wasn't feeling it... So she got eliminated...

Then I saw her at a lil open mic shin-dig I went to last night. She sends me a text message... Which I HATE... if we in the same room, don't text me. Just come up and talk to me. Anyway.. the text message says "We still cool?"... I roll my eyes and close my phone.. No time for games.

I'm grown in the '09

Song of the day: That's why you're beautiful.. Beyonce, GREAT SONG!


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