Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey yall, I'm watching American Idol. They suck. Where are the black people for one... They all sound alike for two... Variety is the spice of life.. I ain't Baracking my vote at all...

Anywho, Church.. my subject for the day is going to be infidelity... I for one am totally against it! Surprised? I would be to.. cause going by my previous entries I talk about sex as a sport and a harem... But I like monogamy. This comes up because somebody's WIFE is tryna get with me. It's very funny, and I might even write a story about it...

I love facebook, but the book done got me in trouble! I wrote in my honesty box "Would you shag me" and I gotta yes... a pink yes.. meaning it was from a female. I was intrigued. Through wayy too much conversation, I found out it was a young lady that I graduated with.. Since she's Latina lets call her Crusto. Well, as mentioned before.. she's someone's wife. I was very flattered. Flattered and Tempted... Very tempted. Shaggin somebody's wife?? The scandalous-ness of it was enough to get me going...

But... I came to my senses.

I stayed up all night thinking about it.. something was telling me to get my black horny ass out of the situation or something REALLY bad was going to happen. I didn't listen to my gut before and I ended up heartbroken... so I decided to listen this time. I ended it. She ain't taking it well. I have a feeling she's gonna do some 'Obsessed' shit.. She been blowing up my fone and my Facebook. Told me that me and her were "Forever" I almost busted out laughin at that one. I ain't forever with single chicks.. I for damn sure ain't forever with someone's wife. I'm sorry for being so cynical... but reality is reality.. I mean shit, somebody gotta die!

Anywho, I must be maturing or something because in my younger days I probably would've fucked her and not thought twice about it. But I can't just fuck people's wives and girlfriends cause I wouldn't want nobody fucking mine. What goes around comes around and believe me... It has come back around, yall! [[The story of my girl and my best friend on another day]] and it ain't even because of the Karma factor... It's respect for myself ultimately. I'm better than just being someone's side-dish. I was the side-dish for so many people because it was easy and somewhere deep down I thought that thats all I was good for. But... I'm wayy better than that. I'm so glad for the maturity to recognize that I don't need to be 'boy'friend #2 in the street OR the bedroom.

I ain't looking or anything.... but I'm not going to settle. I want whats mine to in fact, be MINE and only handled, loved, protected and provided for by ME.

Song of the Day: Cry Baby- Janice Joplin


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