Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"I want something else, I want the stuff thats never enough.."

I'm feeling some kinda way yall.

One of my jobs fell through. I feel like I mentioned that before. Anywho, I'm looking for a new job, done submitted my resume everywhere. I'll have a job by next week. I speak it! It shall be!

So, my mom came home giving me mad fever about turning the AC on. Black people and their... blackness. I ain't on it. I left and went for a run. I was mad. I didn't want to disrespect my mother. She aint gonna talk to me like I'ma child either. My anger issues must be getting under control because I would've went off a couple of years ago. Or maybe I'm just in a numb state and don't give two shits. The latter is more likely... because lately I've been feeling angry. I hate living in this house. I need my own space. This woman-child cannot live with her mother for much longer. It ain't workin!

Reading E. Lynn Harris' "If this World were Mine" He's a great story teller. Loves that he gives us a view into the gay-world with out completely leaving out the straight one either. We all live here together. Contrary to popular belief, we exist together as well. Especially in the black community.

Listening to Robin Thicke's "Something Else" I think it's his newest album. This white boy jams. I like every song on this album so I can't pick one for the song of the day. But check it out.

Well, back to my reading. Not going out tonight. I want to be alone with my thoughts. Ever have one of them days?


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Anita said...

Boy, have I ever. When I first graduated from college, I moved back in with my mom, too. It was pretty awful, and she kicked me out within a year. Hang in there!