Thursday, May 14, 2009

Open Minded.. aka the Mac Story.

Hey readers...

This is a milestone blog. This is my first blog on an iMac. I'm lovin this stuff. It's such an experience. I refused to Mac it up for a long time but hey.. I'm open-minded so I checked it out. Its dope stuff for real... Shout-outs to Heidi who's lettin me use her dope ass iMac.... Kudos to Apple..

Heidi lives on a dope ass farm. She got 4 dogs, some cats, 2 snakes, a donkey and a goat. The goat's name is Angela. She head-butted me. Scared the holy hell outta me. But I'mma G don't get it twisted!

Well, I'm about to watch Twilight to see why all these white girls are excited. I haven't read the books. Don't plan to. Don't see how a vampire doesn't suck blood or is allergic to garlic... but hey... like I said, I'm open-minded.

B easy.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you said dope ass too many times lol