Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hey yall, Lets see how well I think in the morning. I've never wrote this early unless I was on my way to class but since those days are behind [and in front of] me...

Church... the topic or shall I say.. question that I'm going to address today is... Can you ever be 'just friends' with someone after you've been in a romantic relationship with them? [[That being said.. I'm NOT talking about having sex.. I'm talking about a RELATIONSHIP.. big difference.. different topic for a different entry..]] Anywho... I was talking to one of [[what I thought was]] my good [male] friends. We always discuss different topics.. but once I came up with this one.. I knew it was a mistake.. because he been tryna have sex with me ever since his dick could get hard. Like, it doesn't come up every day.. But it comes up and it irritates me. The fact that he's willing to just throw our decade old friendship out of the window for a nut that he might or might not get is an insult to me. Not to mention the fact that I'm not attracted to him at all.

But anyway, he gave his opinion... which was full of shit and way to intellectual for him.. and I gave my opinion which of course kept it all the way real ;) to quote myself directly I said "... Once I've established someone as a good friend, I don'tpersue anything more, and I def don't have sex with 'em" Then he responds "So we can't have sex." PAUSE the movie... This made me really mad and yall shoulda seen how I was looking at my fone [we were texting.. don't think i mentioned that]... So then I said "Who? me and you?" he said "Yea" Then I said "Do you REALLY want to have sex with me" and yall know what he said??? Do yall know what the fuck he said?!?!?!?!


So.. I'm just supposed to open my mothafuckin legs and let you into the goodies off of a Kinda?! Who the fuck do I look like? Lil Kim? Negative!

Ok.. I'm sorry I know I just said fuck like 20 times.. But thats the type of shit that just grinds my gears.. Thank you for letting me get ignant for 17 seconds.

But yea, that was the story.. I told him stuff to make him scared to want to have sex with me. If there's one thing I know how to do its how to scare a nigga off.. I said "It may not seem like it but for me personally, once I have sex with some1, it can't just be sex... There's always a level of intimacy for me... And if I see 'em with some1 else then I get very jealous because whats mine is mine" Then he had the nerve to act like his feelings where hurt... AH WELL!

People, the point is.... There's not a revolving door on my shit.. and in the past, I've kinda acted like there was.. But I'm growin up... The next person that gets in this will have put in work!

Song? Shit.. Idk...

That was pretty good for a morning entry?


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