Friday, January 1, 2010

Allow me to reintroduce myself....

Its the first day of they year.. While I was in the club last night, I figured my first entry of the year would be a re-introduction. Why? Not for you. For me.. just to see how I've changed.

My name is Carrie. Sometimes I don't like to be called by my government. I REALLY hate when people make reference to any Keri Hilson song. I love her. But she isn't me, and doesn't spell the shit right. I cuss. I'm trying to quit. Also tryna quit smoking.. but I ain't tryna quit too hard.. lol.  I'm very claustrophobic. A bit judgmental and at times? Very racist... against the whites and no one else. I'm in college. I enjoy it. I also enjoy the romantic company of men and women. I haven't really had a real g/f or b/f in my adult life tho. Hopefully it happens soon.. well, maybe? I'm very opinionated. Only give it when its asked tho. I stereotype people. I'm usually right. I love writing. I love music. I'm not a good listener. The young lady I'm dating now complains super hard when she's talking to me on the fone and I bust out laughin at TV... baby KNOWS I'm not listening. LOL. I tweet and facebook super hard, if you have a problem.. stay the hell off my page ;)

Anywho, I'm very family oriented. Would love to be someone's wife, and someone's mother one day. I don't believe you've been truly loved until you make someone. I want to experience that. BUT by no means can I be domestic. I hate doing laundry, hate cleaning the bathroom. So, I'll need to make enough money to where I can pay someone to. Call me bourgeois. Its true. I don't express my feelings, honestly don't know how. I'm programmed to hide them. I pity and admire those who wear their feelings on their sleeve. I hate to see a lady cry in front of me. I'll do whatever it is to make her stop. When a man cries in front of me? Even worse.. motherly instinct kicks in. I just wanna put his head on my bosom.

It never works [romantically] with a woman unless I persue her. [just an observation of past experiences.. please no1 cuss me out] I just don't know how to act when a woman gets at me.. Its a big turn on tho. I'm a control freak. Women have a problem with that. Too bad. Oh, I enjoy the company of a lot of women at the same time. The lady I'm dating now doesn't play that so I'm working super-hard on not flirting. I'm such a flirt. She is too.

I like to sing and play the piano. I like to lay on my floor and write poetry. I love good conversation. I like to listen and watch someone talk and think. I'm a people watcher, a natural observer. I love clothes. I have a lot, I want more. I like shoes. I love scarves. I'll count how many I have one day. I have affectionate moments, if I kiss you on the forehead, I'm tryna trick your ass... watch out. I love my mother, anyone who talks side-ways to her...? can get cussed real quick without even thinking. I once threatened someone else's 4 year old. My poppa? Don't disrespect him. That's my job... Shout-outs to my Pops.. His dog died last night..

Long live Kiffa!

I love dancing, I don't club much... but when I do, I stay on the dance floor. I love dancing with strangers... I have an unhealthy infatuation with Nicki Minaj. She can rap and if she didn't have a weave, I bet I might actually be attracted. Oh yea, I don't like women with weave, fake nails, tits, or eye lashes. Be you. I like girls with big booties... guys with big arms and nice eye lashes... I'm very random, as indicated by the style of my re-introduction. Hope you enjoyed. Only wrapping it up cause my thumb hurts..

First song of the century:. "Shakin' it for Daddy" -Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj

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