Monday, January 25, 2010

Less than sympathetic.

Whats up, yall? I feel like I haven't blogged in a minute, was going to do a video blog but I moved and can't find my camera. Its around here somewhere. Oh, I'm happy with my new living situation. I have my own room, thank God... Idk if I told yall why I was moving, lets just say my roommate and I's lifestyles couldn't exsist in the same space ;)

Anywho, I deal with women a lot... which shouldn't be news to you if you read this blog.. LOL.. but I think  a mistake a lot of us (women) make is putting someone on a pedastal and making them responsible for our feelings. I know I've done it, ended up getting very hurt. I'm not sure how to take someone's control away.. I just know it has to happen or you'll STAY upset. I'm realizing the other end of this because the shoe's on the other foot. This young lady I was dealing with blames me for EVERYTHING. I mean, shit that problably happened before I was even born.. gets mad when I need to get off the fone to go take a shit.. I mean arguments every other day.. In #2010, I can't be worried about it.. So I had to end the romantic part of our relationship. I have feelings for her... but whats love got ta do, got ta do with it? If we're upset with each other every other day? I mean, I feel like it just takes so much outta me. I don't like to argue, because I never lose. Just a fact. Makes people upset.

I feel bad for not being able to be more sympathetic. Point is, I have goals.. I can't emotions get in the way.. I've done that in past semesters. I'm paying for it now. I just want non-confrontational friendships... and as far as dating goes? If we argue more than we have sex? Not happening.. Only one person has been able to give me that... and surprise.. It's a man...

#Inothernews. I'm working on a political campaign and I'm SUPER STOKED about it!!!!!

Well, its my good friend, "Slim"'s birthday. I love her so.. Going to clean the room a bit before I go to the movies with her..

Song of the Day:. "Make Her Say" Kid Cudi


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