Monday, January 11, 2010

I get angry.

Whats up, yall?!

I haven't wrote in a minute. A nigga has been liteweight angry because of those I live with among other things. Yall, when I tell yall I have anger problems, that thang is for real. People don't believe me cause on the regular I'm particulalry laid back and nice... But when I get angry? It gets ugly. Luckily on Saturday morning when I got good and angry I was physically alone. I won't go into details but trust, I'm looking to move.... not to a diff dorm.. just my own room. Lawdamercy. I'm so use to peace in my space. I'm not willing to sacrifice that.

Yall, I was so mad.. I did something I NEVER do.. I turned my phone off! A good 4 hours. I know my people was like where's this nigga at? And my girl? She was like "so I get kicked straight to voicemail now?".... Yea.. Shoutouts to "Hi-Def" stays mad at me... #Shout-outs to my two very good friends who made sure I was iight. They're angels, I tell ya. God will make the LAST person you expect to send you a text and make sure you good. If I was capable of emotions at this point in my life, my heart would be warm for yall. <3

But yea.. I'm good now. Had a high time at Church yesterday. I prayed super hard that God would have SOMETHING for me when I went that morning because of my Saturday.. and He did.. He ALWAYS does. Pastor preached about how the people at Antoioch called the believers Christians... how your enemies call you things sometimes that you shouldn't be mad about... and that it shouldn't be THAT hard for others to identify you as a Christian. Message!

Enjoyed the Celebration of Gospel last night. Fantasia can't read, but she's one of my favorite performers. Cute that she sang with her madre. Gospel is one of the few genres left where you have to actually be able to SING and/or play an instrument. Wish we'd have the same standards for our r&B ad especially hip-hop!

Alright, yall. I might write more later. Probably do a video to switch it up. Oh how I love my cam!

Song of the Day:. "Green Eyes" -Erykah Badu.. I went IN on that song last night.


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