Saturday, January 16, 2010

An interesting latenight convo.

Top of the evening to you all... 

Lemme tell yall some interesting shit that happened to me this early morning. Well, I gotta back up. A couple of weeks ago an attractive older woman requests me on facebook. Now, my rule is as long as we have friends in common, and you're cute, I'll accept you. (Shallow? A little. Judge me if you want.) She's nice looking and our only friend in common is my pops. So, I figure this is one of his women. For the life of me, I can't understand why my pop's girlfriends try to get in good with me. They all tell me he talks about me alot and yadda yadda... 

Anywho, my pops e-mails me and asks me whats up with me and ole girl that requested me. I say "I accepted her cause she said you were a great guy. Who is she?" In a nutshell, he said "She's an ex girlfriend, and an ex friend and she's meddling.."

Scandalous! So I really get interested now. Long story short, I see some pictures of her and my pops on her page and I saw her online last night 'round 2am. So my ignant ass fb chats her and says "So you mad at my dad?"

We proceed to have a very interesting conversation. I realized a couple of things. This woman diggs my dad... and I understand why, but at the same time. If he wasn't my pops, I'd tell her to do better. I wish I could've defended my dad to her, but dude is well.. like me.. in her words "He likes to keep the company of lots of women.." I laughed super loud when she said that. We had a nice talk. She made me realize how much my dad wants me to call him. I told her I'd do better. I was mad at my dad for awhile, but its in the past. I'm grown, and I need his money. Just keeping it real ;)

She also told me that I express myself like him, that I'm very cut and dry. Never realized I got it from him. I wish a few very important women that I love could meet my dad, they'd understand. But then again... Maybe their opinions aren't as important anymore... 

There's no man in this world I love like my deddy.. and I won't be niiave and say that he's not part of the reason I date, love and fuck women. But in my wildest dreams? I'd be wife to a man just like him.... I'd have 3 boys and a girl with his smile and my eyes.. and I'd drive a mercedes SUV... 

Yall like my "Up in the Air" fantasy? LOL.. 

Unfortunately, I don't believe in fairy tales, Santa, The Tooth Fairy or Nicki Minaj. I do believe I'll find happiness and good sex tho :)

My mother says every guy I date looks just like my pops... I'm not sure about the women I date. I think they have psycho in common? ha! Yea, I know about 5+ women I've been with read this blog.. and I'm talking about all of you. 

Alright, I need to get dressed. Stepping out with no plan. Mischief. 

Song of the Day:. "Be OK" Chrisette Michelle


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