Friday, January 15, 2010

"Can't Be Worried About It"

Hey yall. Last night at the last minute I decided to go out. I had a BLAST. This morning I was a bit hungover. The room was spinning and my stomach was NOT happy. But I had it taken care of by time for my 11am class. A nigga was liteweight dehydrated cause my hands were shaking. Aaahh yes.. Good times. I have pictures. I might share.

Anywho, I came to write because I was SUPER offended today. I had to go to a meeting that I REALLY didn't wanna go to. For one, I was tired and recovering... two, I'm tired of all these meetings niggas have where we talk about the SAME shit and nothing gets done. Call me crazy.. I like progress. I really want to be involved on campus, yall. But I'm fed up with these organizations i'm a part of that gets nothing done. I'm really contemplating not being a part of them in the future.

You ever meet someone who you wouldn't know was stupid until they opened their mouth? This guy... yall.. he just talks and is very opinionated but there's no KNOWLEDGE behind his opinions or views.. which is fine because he's young but that means he just needs to shut up... and when he says stuff, I don't feel the need to argue with him because he's not my intellecutal equal so there's really nothing he can say to me... In reference to the bible he said..

"It's just a book, and people are way too sensitive about it..."

Now, I've always believed that its wrong to talk sideways about someone's beliefs in mixed company.. and even worse to be disrespectful about something thats a big deal to someone. I believe that Mary was JUST the woman that God used to mother Christ in His human form. I also believe that Mohammed was a false prophet and Allah is no one to me. But everyone doesn't believe that. Catholics, Muslims and Protestants have to share this world so why not be respectful? It's not cool for Beyonce to get naked and sing Ave Maria.. and its not cool to call the bible a 'book' when there are people who live their lives based on its teachings.

I feel that lately people want me to be ok with disrespect and I'm not. I won't be. Today I didn't say anything to him and I'm liteweight disappointed in myself. But then again, I believe in the truth.. and its the truth no matter what he has to say about it or if I argue right?

The fact that I was tired and hungover didn't help either. But I can't blame it on that. What he said was not cool AT ALL.. and my friend begged me with her eyes not to say anything so I didn't. I told her it wasn't going to happen again though.

So, I got hungry and nauseous and I left the meeting early. Once I'm done? I'm done. Thats the new theme for the 2010.. "Can't be worried about it"... 2009's theme was "Can I live?!" and I'm learning to live. I'm becoming emotionally unavailable and I'm ok with it. My heart beats on the left, so I'mma think right.

Song of the Day:. "Adam Lives in Theory" -Lauryn Hill.


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