Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Facebook religion.

Alright, a little better focused today. Last entry, I was watching TV, arguing with my brother, listening to music... Not a good blogging environment. Now, I'm in a dark room with my draws on.. LOL, perfect blogging environment.

Anyhwo, yall know I'm an avid facebooker. I love to network, talk to friends.. yada yada.. but I've been noticing a trend on "the book" thats really not cute to me. Yall, I'm talking about Facebook Religion.

This entry is inspired by a conversation I had with my mother and brother [who both have facebooks].. my mother was talking about how some of our mutual facebook friends have.. um.. how do I say this nicely... conflicting messages...

There are people [who are very close to me I might add] that make their facebook statuses these long religious messages talking about "Jesus is on my mind.. I'm holier than thou Monday-Sunday.. God's in control of my life" and then you go to their pictures and they have they tits out and are in the club with beer in their hand!

Now before you call me a hypocrite [beacuse there's a pic of me on fbook somewhere with a double shot of tequila in my hand.. lol] , the point I'm trying to make is... you look real fake if you have a wonderfully religious Holy status and then less than Holy pictures, or less than Holy wall posts. I never like when people broadcast their relationship with God on the world wide web.

From first hand expeirence, a relationship with God is VERY intimate. There are different levels to his Glory, and its hard as a human to be in line with His will. Psalms 1 says "... They delight in doing everything the LORD wants; day and night they think about His law"

Oh Lord.. Carrie's quoting scripture.. Who woulda thought.. LOL, stay with me...

If you are so Holier than Thou, then you not only follow what God wants you to do.. but you 'delight' in it. It is simply unrealistic for us.. especially young people to be at the point where we delight in His will. This Christian walk is a struggle, and we look very fake if we make sermons out of our facebook statuses.

It is hard to realize that our only judge is God and it really doesn't matter what other people think about you or what you're doing. If you're facebook status isn't keeping it real, you might have some people fooled. But you can't fool Him.

Your facebook status is simply asking 'Whats on your mind?' all you gotta say is "I'm at work, wishing 4 o clock would come"... "I'm bout to beat the hell outta my kid.."... something that happens in REAL life.

I'm not saying don't EVER have any Christ on your facebook because I read statuses and get encouraged... I mean, I can dig when someone's facebook status says "God is good! I didn't cuss my boss out today.." cause that is keeping it all the way 100... I'm just saying... come out of the heaven and down to earth.. because you are still alive, still on earth and still in the FLESH.

In the words of Elder Smith.. "Keep it Real!"

Oh... Song of the Day: "Never love again" Anthony Hamilton


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Don't Be a Slut said...

Interesting post. Many of my church friends are on FB with me, and a lot of them use it to post affirmations and mini-prayers.

I don't have a problem with it, but some days, I just don't find it terribly interesting.