Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Death by Text Message.

I've come to a realization... a hard thing for me to admit.. but admitance is necessary for my mental health.. I don't want to say it.. but I gotta put it out there.

My name is Carrie and I text too much.

Hello yall, it is my sincerest hope that this entry finds you at a happy place. Anywho, last night I was just... irritated. I can't explain it really. I just realized that I play therapist to.. well, not everyone. But a good chunk of my friends.. and then when I have a problem? I feel like I have no one to talk to. Cause if you're used to getting therapy all the time, its hard for you to give an encouraging word or to just LISTEN.. so.. I definitely don't tell my problems to those mentioned above... and sometimes not even the ones i'm cool with giving problems to.. I just don't want anyone all up in my shit like that.

Well.. I'm getting off subject..

Anyway, It wasn't like an overload or anything, this one mofo was just the last straw. So.. Around 9pm I decided, that I was turning my phone of atleast until in the morning. [Ended up being till 1pm today] My one friend that I'm always talking about..

the nigga that said 'Kinda' []

Anywho, I'm bad at hyperlinks and what not...

Ahh.. its happening again.. Off subject..

Now, I send out a mass text that says "Hey lovers and friends. I'm turning my fone off for the rest of the nite. Ttyl!" So he responds "Do i need to come by... Are you ok?" This nigga acts like I just sent out a text talking about "I'mma slit my wrists" All I said what that I'm turning my phone off. I think the message sounded pretty happy! Not to mention, who invited him to come over? Ugh... AND I'm turning off my phone meaning I don't want to be bothered.. AND earlier that day I TOLD him that I didn't feel like being social when he invited me to the movies.. I mean..

This negro in particular.. I mean, he's just to selfish. He invited me to the movies, like I said before.. I said I don't feel like being social... THEN he invited me to the strip club.. and AGAIN I told him.. I don't feel like being social.. [and especailly around a bunch of naked bitches who gonna be in my face] THEN I tell him I'm turning my phone off.. and he wants to stop by? Nigga what the hell... He's just so self-centered. My feelings just don't fucking matter, I guess. I'm fed up yall...

So yes, I text too much. Because if I didn't respond to said messages, I wouldn't have these problems.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.

Song of the Day:. cause I know I be forgetting.. "Even Me" Howard Gospel Choir's rendition.. Check it out on Youtube..


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