Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blame it on the...

Well, I started an entry the day before yesterday but you know a nigga gets side-tracked so I deleted that draft and started a new one.. Like to hear it? Here it go!

So, my mom went out of town last night. Yall already know a nigga had 20 of my closests friends over and even more types of my favorite alcohol. LOL.. I was glad to see my new and old friends. I miss the old times, but I love the new ones as well.. Aahh.. Tender.

Question.. You ever meet someone who's just so 'important'? Like.. to the point where they miss out on the good things in life? My good friend that I always seem to be talking about is one of those people. I mean, I invited a LOT of people to my party and he told me that he was going to "stop by" I mean, just the phrase "stop by?" I'm supposedly one of your best friends and you're so important that all you can do is "stop by"... Not cute.. at all!

So, I realized that my last two entries were about the Twitter phenom... totally didn't mean for that to happen, but I'm proud of myself for having some continuancy? is that a word?

Still looking for a job, thought I had the one at Aero but it didn't work out. Still waiting to hear from DSW shoes. Its hard not to get discouraged. But I'mma stay on the grind and not give up.

Well, I'm on my Mary J. Blige.

Song of the Day:. "Be Without You"


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