Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pap Smear.

Today, I experienced the worst thing I have ever felt in my Adult Life...

A Pap Smear...


Look, don't get all squemish and prudish like OMG why's she telling us about her va jay jay.. I figure, if you have one, by the time you reach 2 decades you would have had a pap so hell.. why not? This is MY little piece of the World Wide Web.. let me share..

So.. I had to get some perscriptions refilled and made an appointment with MY regular doctor but for some odd reason I got another doctor.. which is another story for another day.. Just know, I pay enough insurance to get the doctor I want.. BUT the doctor I got today was a pretty white boy.. so it worked..

I THOUGHT I had prepared my mind for what was going on... He showed me the instrument that he was going to use... and the swab... explained the procedure.. I liked that... But then he was like 'here it comes'.. yall....

Yall shoulda seen the look on my face and heard the sound I wanted to make! In my mind, I was like 'fuck this shit, i'm officially a lesbian, is he trying to reach my throat?!" Giiirrrllll, I needed someone holding my hand, I was trying to hold it down like a G.... I did... but dayum! It lasted for all of 3 minutes... but I'd rather it woulda been Zero!

When he removed the spatula, I could here my va jay jay breath a sigh of relief!

Alright, my va jay jay deserved an entry of her own...

I'll write about Jon & Kate and Perez's faggot ass later.

Song:. "My President's Black" Young Jeezy

My lambos blue.. I'll be hot damn if my rims ain't to!


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