Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrating the King of Pop.

Hello World.. Its a sad day..

The King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson died today. I can't believe it. The fact that he'd die had never crossed my mind. I've never lived in a world where he wasn't a legend. He was already the King when I got here. There's not enough I can say about him. I was a huge fan to say the least.

I remember watching Thriller and thinking, damn... music videos will never be the same and no one will ever live up to him. No matter how many imitators there are (there are alot, yall) no one will ever dance like he did. He was a beast.

It is my hope that Michael's family gets the privacy they deserve.. though in this world it probably won't happen. I'm praying for his parents and his siblings and all the fans that are mourning along with me.

Michael Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

My favorite Michael Jackson video was Smooth Criminal, yall see how he leaned forward? Man.. My brother can do it, but I never could. So many Michael moments over the years...

Song of the Day: "Smooth Criminal"

Artist of the Century:. Michael Joseph Jackson 1959-2009


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