Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a product of the time.

Listening to "Love Poem" by Triple Black.. good stuff.

Anywho, how's everyone doing? Feel like it's been awhile. But it's probably been a couple of days in reality....

So this Twitter thing... Have I discussed it before? If so, I'm about to do it again. Twitter had to be created my light-weight stalkers. I can dig some facebook. Its stalking under the pretense of networking. But Twitter is stalking under the pretense of a cute word and fortunately I see right through it. I jumped on the band-wagon and got one cause I didn't wanna criticize before I experienced but now that I got one.. I feel violated. These RANDOM ass people just start following me outta nowhere. How can you even find me? Someone please enlighten me.

Anyway, ALL you can do on Twitter is say what you're doing. Which quite frankly isn't interesting enough for me to be that concerned. I'm following John Mayer, Keri Hilson, CNN, the NBA, My Mary Kay consultant. and a few friends... and even tho I kinda have their permission, I feel like a stalker... and I don't be knowing what to put in my Twitter window.. like.. 'i'm taking a shit?' who wants to know that? Or... 'I'm boutta smack that shit outta my little brother?' that's not a good representation of our relationship... so that won't work either...

Ya know, this technology era is good. But.. I just realized I had my gmail, facebook, blog, and twitter windows open.. AND I have my cell phone sitting right here. I'm giving people WAYY too much access to me. You could e-mail me, facebook message me, comment on my blog.. twitter me.. text me.. RIGHT now.. and I'd get 'em all RIGHT NOW.. Horrible. I might have to hybernate.. or do you spell that hibernate?

As much as I like to be an individual, I'm always proving that I'm a product of my time.

Well, thats sufficient. I have an interview with Aero today. Pray for me!

Song of the Day: J. Sullivan "One Night Stand"


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Deshair Foskey said...

I believe it's spelled, "Cybernate" :)

I totally agree with your post...